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Passionate About Digital Entertainment

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Grant’s experience in broadcast television, national radio, YouTube and livestreaming on Twitch is the root of his passion for the mediums. He has produced videos alongside some of the biggest stars in the world, hosted TedX and covered all the world’s biggest video game events.


Grant Hinds has grown up in Cape Town, South Africa. He has produced YouTube and social media content for some of the world’s largest creators in London.

My approach

People don’t want what you’re selling, they want the possibilities it unlocks for them. That’s what real storytelling is. That’s what makes stories valuable.

Body of work


YouTube Production

2010 - Present


2011 - Present


Grant has produced many videos for international ​YouTubers and content creators.

Making his mark on broadcast television, Grant still works in the space. Currently hosting technology and gaming content on South Africa’s most popular breakfast show, Expresso.

YouTube has always been a core of Grant’s work, and continues to this day. With a deep focus on technology and gaming centered productions.


Galaxy Unlocked

One of Grant’s passions is the use of Samsung Galaxy products and their ecosystem. He has a dedicated channel just focused on the brand and how it fits into his life.

2015 - Present


2020 - 2024

Shortform Videos

Livestreaming is a passion for Grant and still does it to this day, mostly on Twitch. A way of keeping his passion for gaming alive.

Shortform video has picked up in a major way over the past couple of years, and Grant is extremely passionate about. Most of his shortform content can be seen on his TikTok and Instagram profiles.

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